Organizational structure

    - Name of agency: Social Insurance of Binh Duong province.

    - Head office: No. 17, Zone 2, Le Duan Street, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province.

    - Phone: 0650 3 89 6969; Fax: 0650. 3 841 650

    - Legal form: Being a state career agency.

    - Email: baohiemxahoi@bhxhbinhduong.gov.vn

    Along with the birth of Vietnam Social Insurance (SI) and social insurance of provinces and cities in the country, Song Be Social Insurance was established and officially operated since August 15, 1995 with the function The main service is to implement social insurance policies and regimes for employees who participate in social insurance in the province.

    On January 1, 1997, Binh Duong Province was re-established, from which Song Be Social Insurance was renamed to Binh Duong Social Insurance.

    Implementation of the Government apparatus reform process, on January 24, 2002, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 20/2002 / QD-TTg to transfer Vietnam Health Insurance (Health Insurance) to Vietnam and Government Social Insurance. Government issued Decree 100/2002 / ND-CP dated December 6, 2002 defining the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of Vietnam Social Insurance. On this legal basis, together with the whole country, from January 2003, in addition to ensuring the implementation of social insurance regimes stipulated in Chapter XII of the Labor Code, Decree 12 / CP dated January 26, 1995 by the Prime Minister, Binh Duong Social Insurance is also assigned the task of implementing the health insurance regime for participants.


    1- Function:

    Social Insurance (SI) of Binh Duong Province is a state-run agency under Vietnam Social Insurance (a government agency directly under the Government), located in the province within the organizational system of Vietnam Social Insurance, and ability to help the General Director organize the implementation of policies, social insurance, health insurance (health insurance) and management of social insurance, health insurance, under the leadership, direct and comprehensive management of the General Director Director of Vietnam Social Insurance; subject to state administrative management in the territory of Binh Duong People's Committee.
    The provincial social insurance has a legal status and is headquartered in the province, with its own seal and account.

    2. Tasks and powers:

    - Organizing the review and approval of dossiers, settling social insurance policies and regimes; granting books, social insurance and health insurance cards;
    - Organizing the collection of compulsory and voluntary social insurance premiums;
    - Organizing the management, development and storage of records of social insurance participants;
    - Organize contracts with lawful medical examination and treatment establishments to serve people with social insurance books and cards according to regulations;
    - Organizing the implementation of medical examination and treatment at medical examination and treatment facilities, ensuring medical examination and treatment for people with social insurance books and cards;
    - Organization pays the social insurance regimes to the right subjects;
    - Implement management and use of funding sources; accounting and statistics regimes according to the regulations of the State, Vietnam Social Insurance and district-level social insurance guidelines.
    - Examine the implementation of social insurance collection and payment regimes for employers, units and organizations, individuals and medical examination and treatment establishments in the province; to propose to legal agencies, state management agencies and superior agencies of the labor-using units or medical examination and treatment establishments to handle law-breaking acts on social insurance regimes.
    - Settling complaints and denunciations of organizations and individuals according to their competence;
    - Organize training on social insurance professional skills in the province;
    - Organize information, propaganda and dissemination of social insurance policies and regimes;
    - Organizing the application of science, information technology application in management and administration of provincial social insurance activities;
    - Manage the organization, staffing, cadres, civil servants, officials, finance and assets of the provincial social insurance according to the decentralization of Vietnam Social Insurance;
    - Implement the reporting regime for Vietnam Social Insurance and Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee as prescribed.

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